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It’s almost impossible not to have a blast at a wedding. It’s a big party! People are in love! So I find it crazy that some people in the industry would cast a shadow of bigotry over something so cool.

Last year, Inn of the Abingtons, a venue in Pennsylvania declined to host a reception for a gay couple because they were gay. I find that policy abhorrent and would feel extremely uncomfortable shooting a reception there. Unfortunately, this keeps coming up and I’ve felt awful losing work over it. Even worse, I’m sure I’ve offended a few people, even though it was never my intention to do so. And I feel awful. I’m in this to have fun! But try to imagine to how hurtful it must be to be told a venue doesn’t want people like you?

The crazy thing is, I actually shot a reception there last year before they denied service to a gay couple. Their venue is beautiful. The food was absolutely amazing. And the staff was incredible. I actually cannot say enough good things about the staff. They were incredibly professional and gracious. They pulled everything off without a hitch. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I can tell you that these people are VERY good at what they do. Anybody would be lucky to have their reception there. Which is why it’s so hard to understand why such a beautiful, professional venue would have such an ugly, bigoted policy.

Weddings are about love! They’re supposed to bring us together! I’ve seen family members who haven’t spoken in years dance! I’ve seen people meet each other for the first time and see each other for the last. I’ve seen Republicans and Democrats buy each other shots. Cowboys and 49ers fans at the same table. So lets keep it that way! Let’s include our friends and family for no other reason than that they’re, well, friends and family!

So when you’re out there, visiting venues and planning your day, book places where everyone can feel welcome! 

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