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My wife and I decided not to go on a honeymoon. It was just too expensive. With all we had spent on the wedding, we had moths flying out of our out turned pockets.

Big mistake.

The day after I our wedding we found ourselves back at our home, which of course, was completely trashed. And we just kind of looked at each other like “OK what now”? My wife suggested she might wash the dishes. I offered to scoop the cat litter.

This is not a great way to start the rest of your lives!

Thankfully we figured this out and tore into all the cards we had received. Through the generosity of our friends and family we ended up with a wad of cash that Liberty Travel turned into a Las Vegas getaway. Weddings are a blast. But they are a massive amount of work and they can be stressful. You need to get out of town for a few days afterward to relax. If not, you run the risk of that post wedding glow turning into a post wedding let down. And you don’t even have to go crazy! Looking back, my wife and agree that we would have had just as good a time if we had simply snuck off to a little bed and breakfast tucked away in the Adirondacks. Or even just booked a swank hotel room for the weekend. We would have had a blast soaking in a jacuzzi till we turned into raisins, ordering room service and drinking cheap champagne. Really anything will work as long as you just GTFO.

If you’re concerned about the money, there are lot’s of ways you can pay for a honeymoon. Maybe you switch to a cash bar, or you set up a Go Fund Me for your trip instead of a registry. Trust me, you need a vacation more than you need a waffle iron or fire extinguisher. Expedia is a great resource, but travel agents are experts in getting you what you want for what you can afford. And don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family for help. You may know someone with a bunch of airline points he’s willing to part with instead of a wedding gift.

Treat your honeymoon like a necessity. Don’t cut that off the list of things you want for your wedding. Make it a priority. You won’t regret it.

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