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Why You Should Hire A Second Photographer

Weddings can be pretty big productions with a lot going on at the same time. No matter how amazing your photographer is, they may not be able to catch every moment in the best way.

That’s why you should hire a second photographer.

I’ve worked by myself on the vast majority of weddings that I’ve photographed. I’ve shot a zillion weddings solo and I can confidently cover a large wedding completely on my own. Yet in almost every circumstance it’s better to have two photographers covering your wedding.

Sometimes there are important things happening simultaneously. Perhaps the groom is getting ready at the same time as the bride on the other side of town. Or two precious moments are happening at the same time. Or something must be quickly retrieved. And the photographer must decide whether to continue without it, or retrieve themselves and risk missing a moment. Or sometimes a photographer might just need an extra set of hands.

None of these issues will ruin your wedding. A good photographer will plan in advance to mitigate many of these risks. But hiring an additional photographer can help get the best photography possible of your wedding.

Another thing to consider is contingency. It’s unlikely that anything would keep your photographer from your wedding. But on the off chance that a meteorite struck and vaporized your photographer into a fine ash 10 minutes before the ceremony, what would you do? You’d just have to get your Maid of Honor to shoot the thing on her iPhone. Unless of course you hired an additional photographer. Then after a brief moment of silence for your principal photographer, the additional photographer could continue shooting your wedding like NBD ✌️.

My friend Andrea is an amazing person and brilliant photographer. She is an experienced pro and we have worked together on many weddings. I’ve learned so much from Andrea over the years. She has an eye for detail and often takes the time put her unique spin on a scene that adds a bit of flourish and elegance to many of the pictures. Many photographers offer to bring along so called second shooters or assistants who are often novices or aspiring photographers. Andrea is full blown professional with her own gear, style and experience. She has captured many weddings over the decades on her own and stands in no one's shadow. No matter the size or scope of your wedding, you should bring Andrea on to work on your wedding with me.

Check out some of my favorite shots of Andrea’s and read some kind words about her from brides we have worked with and then drop me a line and bring her on board to shoot your wedding!

“Andrea Wood’s photography is the perfect complement to Jared’s artistic style. She adds the traditional and classic quality to each moment she captures, in a way that seamlessly balances Jared’s imagery. This talented duo won’t miss a beat on your dream day! Be sure to book them both today- give yourselves the comfort and assurance of knowing that every little detail that you planned will be captured, along with all of the spontaneous and special moments of your wedding day!”

     - Ann

“Not only is it a wonderful idea to have two photographers, but Andrea is wonderful! Both Andrea and Jared work very well together and she gives a nice touch to Jared’s already creative ideas. It was wonderful to have her there getting ready with me. I felt like I didn't have to worry about missing any moments because you guys were both there!”

     - Bethany

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