I'm glad that you're here!

Wedding photographer is pretty much the best job ever. I’ve been lucky to have met thousands of incredible people, take hundreds of thousands of pictures, and *almost* fallen in a waterfall.

I started my photography career when my wife made me take pictures of our kids. Then her friends. Then her friends' kids. Then her friends' and their kids. She’s been my toughest critic and biggest fan and even though I’m the one holding the camera, if I’m honest, I couldn’t do it without her.

Since those early days of desperately trying to get my wife's friends kids to look at the camera, I’ve developed a passion for weddings. I’ve shot great big fairy tale weddings with fireworks and ice sculptures. I’ve stolen away to the forest for a secret elopement. I’ve partied with Catholic priests, celebrated with Muslims, and watched atheists ride off into the starry night. And the one thing they all had in common? They were a freaking blast!

I love inspiring people and creating meaningful art through photography

Images are the simplest way to make someone feel. They’re a kind of universal poetry that transcends language and culture. They seem to bypass the brain and travel straight to the heart. Images are our memories. Dreams are made of them. They are the symbols that show us the way when words fall short. And with a single picture you can completely change someone, their lives, or even the world.


I was born in the desert and I miss it terribly. But in my new home of Upstate New York I’ve found the most amazing friends and built an awesome little family. I'm rarely serious. I love the Wu Tang Clan and Gorillaz. I wear my sunglasses at night. Tacos are life. HBO is BAE. I wish summer was forever. There's no such thing as too much coffee. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind being marooned on a tropical island. 

So let’s tell your story! We’ll have an adventure! You bring your best friend and I’ll bring my camera = )

- jared

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