A selfie is just a regular picture - Jared Willis Photography

A selfie is just a regular picture

No, seriously

A selfie is just a picture that you take of yourself.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a symptom of millennial narcissism. It doesn’t have anything to do with body dysmorphia. It is a regular picture. It’s just like taking a picture of your dog or a nice sunset. Except that is of you. It is also ok to share these pictures with your friends. Yes, even if you’re at a funeral. Humans are able to feel two things at once. You can feel good about yourself while also being sad that someone died. Famous people take selfies as well. Because they are also human beings. Humans take pictures of things. Sometimes of themselves. Not really a big deal… unless you're desperately looking for any evidence that the generation that came after you is completely fucked. Which it’s not. It’s the same as your generation. Except born a few years later with cheap, easy access to front facing camera’s & media. Which is exactly what happened in the renaissance when high quality mirrors dramatically dropped in price. Painters started painting themselves. We call those self portraits. The phrase self portrait makes those paintings sound like they are deep critiques or windows into tortured minds. But they’re really not. They’re just regular paintings. Except of the painter. Humans are amazingly creative & curious. It shouldn’t be surprising that if you give us a mirror or a backwards camera, we will take pictures of ourselves. I consider this matter closed.

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