2015 - Jared Willis Photography


I'm fascinated not only by life's cycles, but our inability to recognize our place within them. We are often surprised when they begin... and even more so when they come to an end. We view ourselves as solid, static, and continuous. We feel as if we have always been the same person and always will be. We become complacent in the now, artificially extending the moment to infinity, when in fact, we are never the same person from one instance to the next. And in both large and small ways, nothing will ever be the same again.

Most rhythms seem to go unnoticed, I think because they are unnamed. Our human consciousness is rooted in language, and as such, we have trouble thinking of or comprehending ideas that haven’t already been labeled. Try, for a moment, to think of something that hasn’t been named. It’s a wonderfully deceptive riddle, isn’t it?

This is why I love New Years. It’s simple and definitive. It’s universal. Tomorrow it will be 2016 for both prisoners and presidents. There’s a big fat line for everyone to see. We put a name to the biggest cycle of time that we can easily comprehend. That was then. This is now. That stuff that happened? That stuff is in the past. By naming this thing, this year, we bring our lives into focus. We get the chance to both reflect and look ahead. By widening our view a bit, at the end of one year and the beginning of another, we clarify the world we live in, our place within it, and who we really are.

I had an absolute blast shooting weddings last year. I’m lucky to be have been able to meet so many incredible people and stand next to them through the most epic moments of their lives. I’ve seen hard men cry and grandmas whip and nae nae. I’ve witnessed heartwarming testimonies and heard whispered vows. I’ve seen smiles in the rain and tears in the clouds. I’ve had a million adventures and I can’t wait to have a million more! See you all in 2016!


- jared

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