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I like to keep my pricing as simple as possible. And I pride myself in being open minded and flexible. If there is something that you have in mind that you don't see on this page, please drop me a line and we will figure it out together.


DC to Boston | NY to Chicago


Engagement session | Full wedding day coverage | Digital downloads | Print release | No watermarks

Elopements & Backyards

Upstate NY / NEPA


Coverage of the ceremony | Simple formals and groups | Online gallery | Digital downloads | Print release | No watermarks

Additional Photographer



Actual, experienced photographer | No students, interns or assistants

How do we get started?

Get a hold of me HERE with the when and where. Then I'd love to meet you and your fiance over a few drinks to get to know each other and learn more about your plans.

OK Cool! Now what?

$250 down saves the date. The balance is due a month before your wedding date. I accept cash, debit and credit cards, checks and money orders. Or I can send you an invoice to your email, which you can pay online. I process all credit and debit payments, online and in person, safely and securely through Square.

Can we pay over time?

Sure! A lot of people like to pay this way. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to payments. Let me know what works for you.

How does the engagement session work?

I like doing these sessions and I think they’re important for a couple of reasons. Beyond creating some cool stuff for your save the dates, the shoot gives us an hour or two to get to know each other a little better. We learn what we can expect from each other. Most people aren’t professional models so I like to take the engagement session as an opportunity to coach you and your fiance. The engagement session will also help you learn to relax in front of the camera so that on your wedding day I’m not a stranger, you're not nervous and your fiance knows what to do with her hands.

How long do we have you on our wedding day?

I quote “full day coverage”, but what does that really mean? A lot of photographers charge by the hour, but I honestly can’t see myself looking at my watch and walking out on you because your times up. The way I see it, I’m at your wedding to tell a story from beginning to end. Every wedding is different, and there are no set time limits, but I generally like to show up about an hour before the bride starts getting ready and I stay until the bride and groom leave the reception. That having been said, shooting a wedding is extremely demanding and at some point I will just drop dead of exhaustion! The longest wedding I ever did, I was shooting from 9am to 1am! But the vast majority of weddings I’ve shot seem to clock in at around 12 hours.

Do you work with a shot list?

Generally, no. My style is mostly photojournalistic and candid. I’d rather catch a moment than create one. However if there are a few specific pictures that you want I’m more than happy to do them for you.

Will we need an additional photographer?

I shoot most weddings on my own, but if you have an exceptionally big or long wedding, I’d definitely recommend it. Or if on your wedding day there are important things happening simultaneously. For example, if the groom is getting ready at the same time as the bride 20 miles away. Another thing to consider is hiring an additional photographer as a contingency. It’s good to have another photographer there in case (God forbid!) I’m struck and killed by a meteorite 5 minutes before your ceremony.

What happens if you’re struck and killed by a meteorite right before the wedding?

If you decided to hire an additional photographer, she will shoot the wedding. I do have agreements with several photographers in the area that in an emergency they will cover for me. But that is only if they aren’t themselves booked elsewhere and they can get to you in time. There isn’t much that would keep me from your wedding, but if this is something that concerns you, let’s get an additional photographer on the team.

When do we get the pictures?

Within a day (or two if I’m traveling) I’ll post a few online so that you’ve got SOMETHING to share. The rest in about 3 months. How many pictures do we get? How many pictures are delivered depends on a lot of factors, but I typically deliver 300-700.

How do we get the pictures?

You’ll be able to access your pictures online through a private gallery on my website. From this gallery you’ll be able to download any or all of the pictures as well as purchase prints.

Will the pictures be retouched?

Every single image I deliver will be hand retouched.

What style do you specialize in?

If I had to put myself in a box I’d say I am a candid, photojournalistic wedding photographer. I like to to tell a story through my imagery and so I find myself focusing more on moments than “stuff”. Which is all just a fancy way of saying you’ll get more pictures of unscripted glances than you will the hors d’oeuvres and bridesmaids jumping. That having been said, I still do all the big group shots that you know your mom wants. And of course, if there is something specific that you want just let me know and I’m sure we can figure it out!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

The reception, for sure! All the pressures have fallen away and people are just having fun at that point.

Are there restrictions on what we can do with the pictures?

You’re free to use your pictures in any non commercial way that you’d like. You, your friends, and family can print them, download them, and share them online. I’d ask that you talk to me before using them for some commercial purpose.

Is it ok if other people take pictures at the wedding?

Of course! I love photography and I love that other people at your wedding are excited about taking pictures too! I have no problem with aunt gertrude jumping in to grab a few shots. That having been said, I do recommend that you gently advise your guests not to jump out in the isles, hold up phones and tablets or use flash during the ceremony. But if not, no big deal… I’m pretty good at shooting around the photobombers = )

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